Saturday, 30 April 2016

Kickstarter #3

Lets keep this going

So, week number 3.  I'm amazed people still read these posts, but I'm going to keep going.  As soon as I get 1000 views on the site I will try and come up with something interesting to do.  Anyway, some things on Kickstarter that I think are worth looking at.

Legends of the Mist - Kids love Tiger Games

Darn it I hate when there isn't a good picture I can use.

Anyway, Legends of the Mist looks like a combination of a lot of games all thrown together into something which just looks ever so pretty.  I do like pretty looking games.

I spotted this though because it seems to borrow a core mechanic from another game, one which I own and love a hell of a lot.  That game is called Roll for the Galaxy, and basically it involves a lot of custom dice, rolled and organised behind a board and then revealed to allow you to perform certain actions.  What sets Legends of the Mist aside is that it appears that you then interact with each other very heavily based on your results.  That is possibly the only thing that Roll of the Galaxy doesn't do.  RotG is very self centred in its play style, you can't really do a lot to stop your opponent doing what they want to do.  So to see a roll and reveal (can I trademark that as a Genre name?) type game like this, which is much more interactive.. sounds cool.

There are also tile placement and worker placement aspects, which RotG does have, but again this time it is a single central area rather than in isolation.  Plus you can attack tiles, buy extra dice, win extra dice.  There seems to be a lot to it.

The last thing is the theme, because I really do love things which have a bit of Asian theme about them.  Legend of the 5 Rings and Tsuro spring to mind, and the theme of those games and this one are quite rich.  I'm not sure how well the theme will work, pretty sure a game like this could be set with any background and it would work, but I do like the artwork.

Check it out here.

Rifts for Savage Worlds - Shane Hensley

Rifts was a game that perhaps a lot of people have heard of but never really played.  It falls into the category of post "event" earth, started by a nuclear war which just happens to fall under the perfect conditions for the energy released to be trapped by earth's ley lines.  This in turn causes more natural disasters, more death, more energy... rinse and repeat.  Ultimately the amount of energy is enough to cause rifts to open in the Multiverse and all manner of stuff can get to earth from pretty much every type of reality imaginable.  Oh and Atlantis rises again.. just cus.

Basically everything isn't all roses at all on Earth, as more or less everything you can imagine can get here.  Now, we are slightly lucky, because before the war there was a golden age of humanity.  Everyone worked together, science and technology are in over drive and things are pretty amazing.  Sadly everything goes wrong (Canada, America and Mexico get together in a big war ready alliance and start the aforementioned problems), as these things tend to do.  So now, with all our shiny tech we have to deal with all these problems.  Of course with all the Ley Line energy kicking around suddenly magic is back in the picture too.

There are a lot of games like this, Cyberpunk and Shadowrun spring to mind, though the premise of those is different (and Cyberpunk is less with the magic, k thanks).  Thing is Rifts went for High Tech rather than Punk tech.  All the power suits look like something out of a Mecha Anime.  Weapons are, quite frankly, ridiculous (Mega Damage!).  Light sabers are pretty much there is spirit and the game has this Golden Age of technology feel, with the darkness coming simply from the weird creatures and the evils of mankind.  It certainly has its place.

I played Rifts once, someone did a really odd demo type game when I was at school and we were basically all players in a really odd sports game where we could beat each other up or score goals.. nice to know that idea hasn't ever died out.  It was a lot of fun, not sure how it will fit with Savage Worlds, but it will be interesting to see.

Have a look here.

Town of Salem the Card Game - BlackMedia Games

I can say for a start, this looks like it heavily based off of Werewolf - quite an old game where people got hidden roles and then had to either eliminate the other players or work out who the bad guy was.  Town of Salem seems to up the ante a little by making it so each of the good and bad roles can do different things to each other.

I certainly don't think that is a bad thing.

In general, I probably wouldn't go for a game like this.  I've not really played and enjoyed Werewolf before, because there is a lot of player elimination in the game, but I have a feeling Salem has its advantages over that.  For a start the bad guys can end up killing off each other.. which is just funny.  Plus there seems to be a bit more of a lean towards each side winning rather than one person winning.  Werewolf, for all its popularity, generally involved the good guys winning or that one solitary Werewolf getting to the end and winning alone.

It looks quite good, the cards are a little cartoony, but I've never really had an issue with that.  Certainly can see this being fun, in the same way as lots of people tell me Werewolf is with the right group.  Anyway have a look here.

Thats all folks

So thats it for this weekend.  I wasn't actually planning to do one this weekend, but needs must and all that.  As with previous posts, I don't do this with any pre-arranged plugs or samples of the product.  This is all perpetrated from looking at the Kickstarter pages and watching any videos on the site.  If anyone would like me to do a review of a product they are Kickstarting I would not say no... just so you know.

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