Sunday, 24 April 2016

Kick the bucket

Kickstarter review week #2

So I'm back a week (and a day) later with three more kickstarter reviews.  As per last time, I don't have any insider benefits for this, I don't get freebies, these are literally things I have had a look at and I think are quite good.  This week will be three new kickstarters, from this week, which sadly I just can't throw money at, but in many cases kind of wish I could.

Dark Souls the Board Game - Steamforged

I'm going to start with the big hitter from this week.  Dark Souls TBG was funded within 3 minutes of the project going live, and with 22 days left to go has already reached £1.3m.

I'm not sure I can really say much more on the funding side of things, basically this is really quite impressive, its the sort of thing I expect from CMON products, and Steamforged (creators of Guild Ball) I think would not have expected this sort of rapid run.  That said, it is Dark Souls, and plenty of people are in the market for more things set in this meta.

It's not a game I have ever played, so this might explain why it hasn't jumped out at me to put money into.  I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people, who I know, that will be psyched out for this game.  It is a fairly good Board Game genre to work in (tile based dungeon adventure), and from everything I have seen and heard it is really well put together, and the minis are top top quality again.  Its certainly worth a look, and 14,500 backers (at time of writing) can't all be wrong?  Have a look here.

Tabletop Terrain and Trays - Mini Duels

If I hadn't just bought something for Guild Ball I would be getting into this kickstarter.

Not just a kickstarter for Guild Ball trays though, Mini Duels are running a new range of trays and mdf terrain through Kickstarter, and they look really good.  Now, I'm not really going to explain too much about the terrain, I want to concentrate on the tray, and this is because I think they have a really clever idea here.

Most trays are designed for the models, and have generally got a little bit more on them to add in cards, or similar.  I've just paid for a tray which includes a little bit more than that, so that there is space for tokens as well (little pots on one side for want of a better term), and when it arrives I may well do a review.  Mini Duels have taken it further, but building the tray up a little and adding a draw underneath.  The draw can then be divided up as you like, to include all of the extra tokens you need.

I think this is fantastic.  In fact I think the only step up from this would be to magnetise the tray, put a lid on the top, and then you have a full carry box for the models.  That might be taking it too far though (trays are designed mostly for tournaments, so you can move quickly between tables).

There is a wide range of options, they even have a magnetised top variant for 40k players, which just doesn't need the slots that other games needs.  The X-Wing version is ultra thin and the templates hide away under the tray in what can best be described as a school desk flip lid style (or you can get a deeper tray with the draw as well if you prefer).  A really cool design idea, and as said before, if I hadn't just spent money on one, I would get these.

Cavern Tavern - Final Frontier Games

I never got why people played the restaurant app games on phones.  The ones where you run around fulfilling orders and making sure you did everything on time.  They always struck me as something that didn't have the legs to be played over and over.  However, turn that into a board game, with win conditions and a bit of competition and I can see that being a lot of fun.

Thus, we have Cavern Tavern on the list, because it is basically that game.  Dice based, worker placement, running around fulfilling orders, while at the same time rating out your opponents to the boss to try and make sure they lose some points for lazy work ethics.

I think the main thing here is that this looks really good.  I like the fact that its going to be a cut-throat competitive game, and honestly worker placement games are usually good fun, because the tactical side of interrupting or impeding people can be a great laugh.  I can also see this working for people who like to game "in character", I certainly know a few people like that, and I would really love to be able to get this game.  Its already funded, so I would have to guess that it'll be something I can pick up later in my local hobby store.  I certainly hope so.

Though I wouldn't say no to this as a birthday present... just saying.  Though tell me if you do because I get paid before this KS ends and I might just bite next month.

Wrap up

So thats it this week.  I couldn't quite find a fourth for this one.  I said, last time, that the aim was to talk about things I really found interesting and would take off, and while there are plenty of interesting things on Kickstarter at the moment, these were the three that I really thought can and should go far.  In fact, this week I have two projects which are always well on their way to being seen in store soon.

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