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Kickstarter #9

Back from the Dead

Yes, I am aware I said I would start doing this stuff more often and I haven't.  Yes I know that building a community for my site involves regular content updates.  No, I have not got any more words to express my regret at not doing this site.  However, Life.  You know, the real life bit which stops you doing anything else, not because you don't want to deal with life and that it isn't fun, but it generally does mean you don't have time for anything else.

I'm going to make sure this is a bumper edition of the Kickstarter review.  I'm going to try and show you six things that have appeared recently and need a mention.  Plus, as an added bonus, I'll be, for the first time, promoting something I have played and is now on Kickstarter (and needs your support!).  So, getting right into it...

The Edge: Dawnfall - Awaken Realms 

So the guys that made Neuroshima Hex (which I am told is an outstanding game by the way), have developed a new 2-4 player, hex based game of miniature tactics and combat.  Now, normally, my excuse for finding something interesting is pretty much that it looks good, or that its nostalgic, or silly.  Well, The Edge definitely jumps into category 1 without any real issues at all.  It also fits in, for me, with category 2 as well, because Hex based tactical games always remind me of Battletech and Crimson Skies (sorry can't help that).

Now, clearly, when you go through the page you will notice that the models are... well quite frankly lovely.  There are a hell of a lot of models, and rather interestingly it looks like you get absolutely everything for each faction in the faction boxes.  Of course if you want the whole game then you will need a battlebox, which has the playing mat, and two factions worth of stuff, plus the few odds and ends you need for playing the game.  Personally I have no idea which of these I would get, because all the models look amazing.

One of the best things here though is that a bit of a ways down the page you will also find all of the background books free for download.  This isn't just a miniatures board game with nothing but rules.  they have set up a full story and background book to go with the game.  I'm impressed with the level of detail that they have gone into for a tactical boardgame.  At some point I'm waiting to see if they will release this as an open table top game as well... I mean the models are clearly good enough.

It is here if you want a look.

Dark Skies: 1942 - Resin Horse Games

Speaking of Crimsons Skies, finally I get to welcome in the coming of a spiritual protege of one of those games that shaped a lot of my experiences when I was younger.  Dark Skies definitely falls into the category of "alternative history" aircraft combat games, and I have to say I quite like the look of it.  Oh, and for the eagle eyed among you, yes there is somewhat a flavour of Lovecraft about this game.

in 1942, towards the end of WW2, the Eldritch gods finally awaken.  In time honoured human tradition, instead of banding together to solve our problems the war carries on, and now everyone is fighting everyone else.. and Cthulhu.  I mean what could go wrong.  Aircraft design has taken an odd little turn, and each side is building giat flying battleships to try and deal with the new monsters of the air as well.

Firstly, I do like the idea of alternative design aircraft.  Crimson Skies did this, in part, by using experimental aircraft designs from WW2, and I have a feeling that Dark Skies has done the same as well.  The flying fortresses are.. somewhat like the ones in Dystopian Wars, I have to say, but there are very few ways in which you can design giant flying battleships so I'm ok with this.  Lastly though, the flying Cthulhu model that you can bring into the game if you want the Eldritch touch.. that is rather wonderful in its own rights.

It is just here if you want a look.
Deep Madness - Diemension Games

By happen chance all of these games a linking together today.  I move from Aircraft and Cthulhu to Cyberpunk and Cthulhu.  Deep Madness brings in the idea of the standard Lovecraftian game (investigators finding and then deal with the Eldritch Horrors of the world), but puts it into a futuristic style game where players play against the board to complete missions before they all get eaten by the horrible creatures of an infested facility.

So as the game progresses, sections of the board are flipped over to add additional locations for the monsters to spawn from.  A selection of cards outline either the players abilities or the monsters actions, and turn order alternates between the two forces (player 1 -> monster 1 -> player 2 etc).  Players can find items to improve their abilities or give them more firepower, and over time the players try and complete a number of objectives.  The book comes with a number of scenarios (board layout and mission objectives) and there certainly seems to be a lot of depth in the game system.

Some of this reminds me of Zombicide.  I don't think that is a bad thing.  Especially not when part of what reminds me of that game is the quality of the game components which will be available with the game, and the sheer number of expansion components that they are offering.

This is here if you want a look.

Nightlancer - Adversity Games

Managed to get through another link up here, just drop the Cthulhu (say sorry first or he won't be happy) and we go into Cyberpunk overload here.

Now I have reviewed this game already, and I'm still psyched that I got to play this.  I'm going to start with a really simple statement about this game. IT IS GOOD!  I don't think I can make this clearer.  I've been very lucky to get to play this already and I really really want this to succeed, so please go back this right NOW!

Ok, so now you have done that let me explain a little bit.  If you have ever played (and liked, even a little) Cyberpunk RPG or Shadowrun, or SLA, then this is basically the Card game version of those games.  The clearest reflection it makes is with Cyberpunk RPG rather than anything else, but there are aspects that anyone who likes Dark Future type RPGs will be able to make.  It also only took a game or two to really get to grips with the basics of the game, and considering how much you get with it thats quite an impressive feat.  This card game is packed (with cards), and they have really stepped up the quality of those with the final designs.

Now clearly I'm trying to get people to buy this, and yes partly that is because there will be money coming out of my account (actually not my account, but my new partners), and she will also be getting a card made in her image if you do.  So that will be interesting, seeing if people can find the card that matches.  Also, she went for this kickstarter because she helped me playtest the game, and we almost ended up both getting it by accident.  Seriously its a good game!

It is here.  Please go back it!

Moonstone - Goblin King Games

I couldn't keep the chain up forever, so the best way to deal with that is to bring in something really cool, really kind of silly and yet still has some lovely models.

Now I realise a lot of people are put off by wargames because people take them too seriously.  The models become these odd incarnations of quality and importance that a lot of people don't get.  Well Moonstone certainly has some very hefty quality, and certainly I can see people attributing personalities and importance, but when you are (clearly?) basing your game around a visual style reminiscent of the Labyrinth, I'm kind of hoping it can also bring in a selection of people who haven't gone near gaming before.

Moonstone looks cute, in a good way cute.  I love the little models, the slightly puppety look of the figures, like someone hired Jim Henderson to do the design work throughout.  Also you only appear to need 3 models on each side to get started and that is going to be a massive boost towards getting people to play the game.  Stretch goals are wide and varied, and have already brought in the two fairy faction boxes which look really good.  I actually believe if I weren't currently trying to save my money to get my car MOT'd then I would already be buying everything this game had to offer.

It is right here, and I think it is worth a go if you can.

Medici: The Card Game - Grail Games

So this last one is on here, partly as a big thumbs up for bringing back an old game in a new form, but also because I actually do think there is a massive risk in bringing back classic games in the form of a card game.

I bring this up because of The Settlers of Catan Card game.  Designed for 2 players to get through a facsimile of a full game of Catan, the truth of the matter was that there was only a passing nod to the original game and not enough (in my opinion) of the flavour people expected.  The daft thing is, if they had made that card game and not called it Catan, then behind was actually a really well worked game.  There is always a fear when you name something based on an old classic.

From what I have seen they have tried to get things to look and feel like the original game, and it has been designed by the original designer of Medici.  Therefore, I can only hope that it holds up to the original in some way.  It has been designed for 2-6 players, so will have a bit more of the feel of the original as well.  Also for about £17 you get a copy of the game as part of the Kickstarter, and additional levels open up forthcoming expansion packs.  Its certainly intriguing, especially if you have played the original game.

Have a look here.

Back for good?

I'm not promising anything at all, but hopefully I can fit in some more bits and pieces soon.  There is a lot of this Real life stuff going on and I'm definitely enjoying it at the same time as making sure it all gets done, so bare with me, and hopefully I can come up with something else to talk about soon.

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