Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Real life, the bane of all gamers


Yes, I know, I’ve been ignoring the blog for a few weeks.  After reviewing my first prototype game you surely can give me a bit of slack?  No?  Right, well screw you guys!

Ok, in all seriousness, real life gets in the way sometimes.  I find myself in a position that people generally don’t ever envisage, which is of someone who has become solely responsible for himself after some time of not being.  That done, all paperwork signed.  I’m not going to say I like it, because I don’t, it is not something that I ever wanted, but there it is, and I have a bit more to have to do than I thought I did to get myself in order and get my life going in the direction I want (and hope) it might go now.  So, yeah, I’ve been a bit busy, and therefore neglected my blog.

In addition to that, I’ve somewhat been caught up in a PC game.  Well as often as I can, because my PC is also being pathetic, Radeon don’t seem to like making Windows 10 drivers, and my graphics card is a little outdated and prone to crashing everything and anything it can get its hands on.  However, when I can play, I’ve been playing Overwatch.  I really really like Overwatch.  I’m not going to review it though.  I think there are plenty of websites and video game youtubers out there to already show you what it is all like.   So go have a look.

It does tie in to a few other things though.  So, because I like Overwatch, a lot (I hope this is becoming clearer), I’ve been watching all the youtube videos (made by people such as Muslek and Flik) and have been thinking over if I want to do some videos myself.  Now, I have actually done a couple.  I did an unboxing of the phase 2 CMON Black Plague kickstarter, I also did a short review of a Feldher bag that I’m using for my Guild Ball models, and if  you want to look for me on youtube I am around, but I’ve not really put the time and effort into it that I would like.  I’ve considered doing gaming videos (board games, guild ball/malifaux/Bushido, video games), but generally I think there are enough people out there that do them.  Well may be not the wargaming, Guildball Informer having gone into the mist more or less leaves those Battlehammer chaps, and Hot Gates Gaming, to cover that game.  Some bloke called Chris Hay does Bushido stuff, and Malifaux is.. well there are a lot of games out there, but most aren’t just straight battle report videos.  Anyway, there are people out there doing those things, and I don’t want to step on toes.  Straw and Parker, from the Battlehammer, are amazing guys (genuinely) and I personally know I couldn’t match what they do long term (for a start I don’t have the duo dynamic they have together, though don’t ask which one is the sidekick).  Hot Gates Gaming works because of the enthusiasm expressed through the camera, and those that know me know it takes a lot to get me to be enthusiastic (well at least to express it, beyond one of my goofy smiles).  Anyway, I don’t have the money to get the boards and the terrain, let alone the camera to record with.  If I can’t afford that, then can I really do videos?

So the other option out there these days is Podcasts.  A Big Grumpy Gamer podcast sounds like a laugh, but do I really do something like that on my own?  What would I do it about?  I mean, I don’t generally stay on topic at the best of times on here.  I do love Podcasts though, TotesMcAwesome from the Battlehammer was going to look at doing one, and that really piqued my interest again in the format.  That, and I’m rather fortunate to know McPigish and Bucky from the Breach Boys Podcast (though I sadly have not seen them of late because I’m too damn busy!).  I still want to work out what on earth to do the Podcast on if I do one.  Well, I say that, but if you listen to most podcasts they are a rambling path of random conversations mixed in with a bit of wargaming.  This is more or less my life, though there is a bit more boardgaming or computer gaming in there, dependent on the people I’m with.  So maybe this is something I could do, though again, I don’t really have the dynamic duo mix, or even a group to record with.  I do think Podcasts about gaming work better when there are more people involved in them (even if the herding of cats issue does rear its ugly head from time to time).

I’ll have to see if Mr McAwesome still wants to do some sound checks perhaps…

This blog is not dead though, I’ve been ignoring it as it laments on the bottom of people’s least likely to follow list (it’s not actually doing badly to be honest, considering I work on the good graces of others to share it.  So to those that have shared what I write thank you), but it really isn’t dead.  I’m quite impressed with myself for vaguely remembering to come back to it from time to time.  My hobby time is limited right now though (have I mentioned I’m rather busy and playing a lot of Overwatch?), but I want to get a few more games of Guild Ball in, learn how to play Bushido, meet some more people and generally mess about.  If anyone happens to fancy a meet up (I can drive, but if you aren’t busy I’m in the Sheffield area!) then please either find me on Facebook, Twitter or even leave a comment here.  I’m pretty sure I can sort out some sort of time.

Anyway, there is more to come, honest.  I’ll even be doing a Kickstarter review again… possibly even tonight... now that would be something.

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