Sunday, 8 May 2016

Kickstarter #4

Where have all the good ones gone?

I have to admit I've struggled this weekend on Kickstarter.  Nothing has truely taken me, though I do have at least a couple to point people at (because I wouldn't be a good blogger if I only look at things that excite me).  So, this weeks Kickstarter trawl is a lot about stuff that looks good, even if I don't know if I would go for them.

Virus -

The first game I ever played that had "real time" actions was Xcom.  I've also seen the Escape games played, with the Incan Temple type version.  They always look like a lot of fun, but Xcom is the only one I have seen that has some sort of control to the madness, the App for Xcom is pretty amazing.

So Virus has another real time aspect to it.  There also seems to be an App as well, but my understanding is that it just controls the clock though rather than making specific actions occur.  Now there is a lot going on with Virus, a mad dash to specific locations, trying to find specific tiles as you move, performing actions in rooms, and fighting monsters, so it does sound like this is going to be a bit of a mad rush during the timed phases.  I can see that working for a lot of people, but I do also like to have a bit of time while other people are playing to work out what I'm going to do next.

Certainly, I will say that I really like the idea of this.  There is a sort of Resident Evil kid of feel about the thematics of the game.  I virus has been released that has mutated the people and the animal in a weird science lab, get in, unlock the security door that is stopping you getting out, and find the cure on the way.

If people are interested have a look here.

Stay out of my Dungeon! - 2HandsomeGames

So I'm going to say right now, this game falls into a category I quite like, which is the semi-cooperative type.  Betrayer mechanics in Shadows over Camelot and Battlestar Galactica are really good, and I've always kind of liked the idea of trying to work out who is actually helping and who is hindering.

In addition this game also has quite a heavy feeling of Dungeon Keeper, which definitely helps it out a lot.  I always loved the idea of being the evil overlord and controlling minions to take out the good guys.  Thats why I own a copy of Dungeon Lords.

So, in this one you are working together to build up the dungeon defences.  There will be a lot of worker placement and resource management in this game, and again that can be a lot of fun.

I think the only downside here is that there are no game play videos and all the images are placeholders examples.  I think that might not be a help.  However, it is well worth a read of the campaign itself.  There is a lot in there on what they want to do.

Check it out here.

Awful Fantasy: The Card Game - Awful Fantasy

Now, this is more my sort of thing, and based on the prices I might well put some money on to this game.

You play as a failing author, rushing against time to be the first person to complete their awful fantasy.  You get cards for the plot, the good guys and the bad guys and you have to try and cobble them together into your next novel.  I could quite happily see my relatively regular players also putting in corny descriptions of the novel they have written, explaining why it is the next best thing in Fantasy literature, either even the incomplete novels being scored if you can convince people that even in its unfinished state the book you have is better than that finished one.

Quick card games are always good.  They can be dragged out at any, reasonably open, social circle because they can be played so quickly.  I have my eye on a few card games of this sort, so I might well add Awful Fantasy to my watch list.

Have a look here.

Right, its late, and I should be asleep.

To those people I know who will be at Vengeance next weekend I wish you all well.  There may well not be a Kickstarter post next weekend as it will be my birthday shortly after, and while I sadly can't say I will be at Vengeance for my birthday (unfortunately), but I will be out with my parents so I may not have the time.  Will have to see.

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